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June 23, 2011
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You skitter along the ground. You know you have to be quick if you are to avoid the woman living here. You've heard the stories; some giants are very dangerous, and even violent towards your kind.
You carry the food along with you, pulling it behind you. It sits on a wheeled wooden board, which is tied to your back by a rope. This rope is made from fishing wire you stole from a fishing kit in the house next door, and the wheels on the board are made from beads you took from a little girl's room. You help yourself often. At your size, whatever you take nearly goes unnoticed. This doubles with food, as most often just a few crumbs will be enough for you.
You live alone. Some time ago, you lived with a small community of those like you. Called "tinies" by the humans, your kind has scraped out a living from the underbellies of society, scavenging from scraps and hiding in hollow walls or under floorboards like rodents. The indignity of your meager lifestyle escapes you, as you have known little else.
You come up to a doorway. You go up against the frame, fearful, and you peek over the side. There is no one there. You rush out into the open hallway and away from the kitchen. There are few hiding spots in this narrow passageway, so you know that this is the riskiest part of your journey. Your heart beats heavily in your chest as you hear the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. You burst into a sprint, trying to make it to a hole in the wall. If she sees you, you can forget about scavenging food from her kitchen ever again!
You are almost to the hole in the wall when the woman spots you. She bolts towards you and lunges, putting her gigantic palm in front of the hole before you can reach it. You turn, only to see her other arm covering your escape. You're trapped.
The enormous woman looks down at you, a mischievous smile on her lips. "Gotcha," she whispers, as she brings her hand down on you. She pinches you roughly, and it hurts you slightly as the tips of her thumb and forefinger put pressure against your ribs. You see the crumb of food fall off the wooden board as it is lifted along with you, still attached to you by the fishing line.
"Well, what a strange little contraption you've got!" she comments on it, cutting the line so she can examine it closer. "Did you make this?"
"Yes," you say gruffly.
"Well done!" she says, "So you're the little thief that's been scavenging about, aren't you?"
"I am," you admit, "but only because of necessity. I only ever took what I needed, nothing more, I swear!" You look at her enormous eyes, fear clouding your mind.
"And that makes stealing it so much better, doesn't it?" she says sarcastically.
She couldn't possibly be serious, you think. What you took was miniscule; it could not have affected this woman adversely in any way!
"Now I can't really let you go, can I?" she says mischievously, "I can't have you stealing anything else. But what to do with you? I need to put you away somewhere…"
As she lapses into thought, you hear her stomach grumble. The sound sends shivers down your spine. No matter what, you have to stall her. You have to do everything in your power to keep her from deciding to eat you, or else you'll be toast!
"Well, I'm sure there's no need for anything rash, really," you begin to say, "you could just—"
You're cut off by her booming voice. "What do you mean, do something rash?" she asks. Her intentions are unclear to you, but your eyes are fixed on her mouth, her lips, her tongue that moves up and down and rubs against her palette as her lips open and close, revealing rows of pearly white teeth each as wide as you are tall.
"I mean, you could take me away from here," you say, stumbling over your words, "You could put me somewhere that would be too difficult for me to get back here from."
Her stomach rumbles again. "Well, I'm thinking of the perfect place," she says, a hint of seduction in her voice. You can see the hunger in her eyes as she looks directly at you. Her stare nearly melts you in your place. You decide you have to resort to praise in order to distract her.
"Well," you say nervously, "I hate to change the subject, but I have to say you look absolutely gorgeous right now!"
"Really," she asks, her face drawing close to you. Her warm, sweet breath blows over you as she says, "do tell!"
"Yeah," you continue, "how do you manage to keep such a great complexion! Your hair looks so natural, and you have such a great figure! What's your secret?"
"Healthy eating," she says, a grin on her face.
"What, do you mean, like health foods? Fruits and veggies, milk, bread, all that stuff?"
"Actually," she says, all matter-of-fact, "It's all about having a balanced diet. You need all that stuff, but you also need your natural proteins, like eggs, fish, meat," she looks at you hungrily as she says this.
"You don't say," you swallow hard.
"Yep," she says, "it's all diet and exercise, nothing else to it."
Her stomach growls for a third time. She notices you looking down at her stomach.
"Oops!" she says, "looks like I'm pretty hungry!"
Your eyes look up at her, pleading. You realize there is no escaping this.
"Please," you beg simply, "don't eat me."
She looks down at you. "Eat you," she says in mock surprise, "now why would I ever do that? Oh wait, that actually sounds like a pretty good idea. Thanks for bringing that up!"
You are seething with anger. She knows she has been thinking about it the moment she caught you! Why can't she just get it over with rather than teasing you like this!
"Please," you say, putting as much emphasis on your words as you can, "please don't do this. I would barely even provide you with sustenance. I'm so small; I would never sate your hunger."
"You're right," she says brightly, "I think you would go greatly with some whole grain bread, lettuce, tomatoes, a hint of mayo, and some ham! It's the perfect after-workout snack!"
She laughs out loud. She sees how tense you are, and begins to taunt you.
"What's the matter, handsome," she says, "afraid I'm going to actually eat you!?"
She dangles you above her open mouth, and you get a direct view into her pulsating throat, her pinkish tongue, and her straight, pearly teeth. Saliva drips and pools on every nook and cranny of the organic cavern, which is in constant motion.
"Ahhhhh," she says in a comedic mood, her hot breath running up your body and giving you goose-bumps. You scream in fear and struggle violently, causing her to drop you accidentally. You fall, air rushing past you as you fling your limps about uselessly. You scream as you tumble, down, down, down like a lead ball, the moment seeming to stretch into eternity as the gaping mouth comes closer and closer and closer.
You fall with a wet thud, and she closes her mouth instinctively. You are covered from head to toe in her saliva, which makes you slip and slide inside her mouth. You try to scream, but you are completely out of breath.
In surprise, the woman opens her mouth, causing you to drop out of it. You sail through the air, falling down directly onto one of her bountiful breasts. You slide down into her cleavage, causing her to laugh hysterically.
"Hey, get out of there!" she says, light-heartedly. She tries to catch you by reaching a hand between her assets, but you slip out from between them easily, your saliva-covered body making short work of the mounds of flesh at either side of you. You roll onto her bare stomach and try to grasp her belly-button, but your fall is too fast and you fail to grip it. You continue falling, eventually landing behind her waist band.
"Oh no, don't you dare," she says, amused, but you've already slipped into her pants. You are surrounded by cloth on either side, her panties in front of you and her tight shorts on your back. You look up to see her hand, rushing to clutch you. You are too quick though, as you manage to scamper down further. She lets out an involuntary yowl as you pass her womanhood, then slide down past it and out onto one of her legs. You try to grasp her short-shaven hairs, but you are completely unable to. You fall uncontrollably, screaming as the fresh air bursts past your face, your chest, your arms. You spread your limbs to the wind, attempting to increase your surface area and slow your fall. You see her sock approaching and you direct you fall towards it, grabbing hold of it with your left hand. You slide to a stop, and then you let yourself fall further until you hit the ground.
You look up. You see the woman is distracted, and you make a run for it, reaching the hole in the wall before the woman has a chance to react.
You are flat against the wall, panting heavily.
"No wait!" The woman says, "Come back!" She kneels down and stares into the hole. "Please come back," she says, "I was only joking! I didn't mean to actually drop you or anything! Please, just come back! Please!"
You have started running within the wall, but you stop when you hear her beginning to whimper.
"Please, don't go, please," she says weakly, "I didn't mean it, I swear. You don't understand what it's like, living alone like this."
You look down at your feet. You do understand.
"Please, just come back!"
You think for a second. You conclude that she is probably trying to get you to come out, to trick you, so that she can have her way with you. You are not stupid. You know that giants are not to be trusted, but as you hear her whimpering, there is a tugging sensation within you. You have the urge to go back, to comfort her, to do as she pleases.
You resist the urge and you turn away. Now is not the time for risk, you think. Now is the time for survival. You have not survived this far by being stupid, and you're not about to risk a fatal mistake.
You sprint away, her cries fading with the distance.
Here's the beginning to a new story. Sad, I know, but it's not the end! I'll continue it tomorrow.
Some vore in it, but not a whole lot.

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