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July 10, 2011
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You silently make your way into the kitchen. You look around carefully, your heart beating like drums in your ears as you keep a lookout for the giantess.
It's been a day since you ran into her. You still remember the incident, and it sends a chill down your spine every time you think about it. She almost ate you! You knew that humans were known to be cruel to your kind, but you never imagined they would be capable of something like that!
You try to clear your mind. You will need to stay focused if you want to survive.
You sprint across the kitchen floor. You are carrying a makeshift backpack that you put together in a hurry. That woman destroyed the cart you worked so hard to make, and now you'll have to make another one! Your stores have run dry, however, and you need some emergency supplies. You reach the bottom of the kitchen counter. You look up the tremendous structure, and you see the drawers, each so large to you that they seem almost impossible to climb. You reflect that their ridged surface will probably be much easier to climb than the smooth and featureless refrigerator. You look up and quickly make a plan of attack. You will climb the drawers, then use your makeshift tools to pry open the refrigerator door to sneak inside. You will then find what you need, then make your way out through the back of the refrigerator. You've done this before, and you know it works.
You confidently grasp your fish-hook harpoon, which is tied to your waist by dental floss, and you throw it powerfully. It is flung upwards, and is hooked into the edge of one of the drawers. You test your weight on it, and after finding it stable, you begin to climb.
After a slow and steady progress you reach the top of the counter. You start walking towards the refrigerator, but something catches your eye, and you stop.
Sitting on the kitchen table is a bowl of premium Kirkland Signature vanilla ice cream, covered in thick chocolate sauce. There's a whipped cream topping on the ice cream, and on top is a single red cherry.
Your stomach grumbles. It's your favorite dessert! You stand there for a minute, trying to resist the temptation, but the ice cream is too strong for your willpower. You curse yourself for being so stupid, but you decide to go for it anyway.
A quick fling of the harpoon and an agile swing later and you're standing on the kitchen table, the bowl of ice cream rising like a mountain before you. You run for it, throwing caution to the wind, and you jump into the bowl. You fall through the whipped cream and you stop at the soft and creamy ice cream. It's cool on your skin, and your hands and feet sink into it with your weight. You pick some of it up and form it into a ball. It's like a snowball, but soft and creamy, and vanilla flavored! You toss it into your mouth and swallow happily. You then proceed to throw mouthful after mouthful into your throat, swallowing it in great amounts. You soon get a brain-freeze, and you laugh at yourself. You decide it's time for some chocolate sauce, so you stand up and you find a nice puddle. You jump into it, mouth open, and you swallow some of the sugary substance. You are covered in the stuff! You laugh out loud, trying to get it off, but it's too thick and sticky. You try to lick some of it up, but it's just too much!
You let out a contented sigh and you drop back into the puddle. Your stomach is full for the first time in two days. You float on the chocolate syrup, calmly moving down with the slowly pouring current of the thick and sugary substance.
Suddenly, you hear something loud. It seems to be footsteps. You hear them like from a distance, your eyes closed in relaxation. Their meaning slowly dawns on you. The giantess must be coming back into the kitchen to eat her sundae! And you're in it!
You open your eyes to see her shape looming over you. Her facial features are obscured by her hair, which falls down over her face and drapes it in shadow. You see the shape of a silver spoon, moving quickly. It seems to be coming directly at you! You try to stand in horror, only to trip and fall into the chocolate syrup. You try to get up and move, but the substance is too thick! Suddenly, you feel a jerk of upwards movement. You realize you've been picked up by her spoon!  You try to react, but everything moves too quickly. In no time at all you are covered in deep shadow, her massive head obscuring the kitchen lights. You look up to see her thick lips passing above you, then her great, white teeth. A blast of hot air hits you and you enter the moist cavern. You realize that it's too late for you to do anything, your fate is sealed.
You realize that this is the second time you've been in her mouth. Last time she dropped you out by accident, but this time you know that won't happen. She doesn't even know you're here. You look about you and you see the organic, fleshy walls, pulsating and undulating, the teeth steadily becoming molars towards the back of her mouth. Your eyes are drawn to the entrance into her throat. A cavern of total darkness is before you, a gaping hole like a fleshy tunnel, turning downwards until you can no longer see where it leads.
All of a sudden, there is brisk movement. You and the other contents of her mouth are pushed up as she lifts her tongue against her palette. You lie there, covered in ice cream and chocolate and saliva, pressure building in from every side. The fleshy walls bend and contour to your shape, encasing you completely. You feel an increase in pressure and a suctioning feeling, and some of the ice cream around you begins to be syphoned into her esophagus. You panic. In no time, you'll be joining those bits of ice cream right down her throat and into her warm, moist stomach. You'll be swimming in her acids, more ice cream pouring in over your head as the fleshy chamber fills to the brim, your air running scarce, the constant motion sloshing you about like a tumultuous sea, threatening to drown you!
You close your eyes. You feel the suction and the pressure, and the now liquefied ice cream leaving you. You expect to move soon, but you are held in place by the pressure of her tongue. You are confused. Did she notice you?
In no time at all, that question is answered. Her mouth opens quickly, flooding with a bright, blinding light from the outside. She picks you up like a hair on her tongue, and holds you in front of her face.
"Hey, it's you!" she says, smiling, "I knew it! I'd recognize that taste anywhere! You are quite delicious, you know!"
You blush slightly.
"Hey, what were you doing in my ice cream?" she asks you quizzically, "do you want to be eaten? Look, you've gone and made yourself all filthy!"
You look down at yourself. You are still mostly covered in chocolate sauce.
"Here, let me clean you up," she says brightly. You begin to protest, but she quickly shoves you back in her mouth. You struggle as she licks you all over.  She sucks on you, twists you every which way. You are completely disoriented for a bit, unsure which way is up and which way is out.
It's not long, however, before she lets you out again. She holds you up, close to her face, and looks you over.
"There, much better," she says with a giggle. You get a chance to look at her face more closely. There is red around her eyes, and some big shadows under her eyelids. She seems to have been crying.
"You know, I just can't seem to get enough of you, can I," she teases, "you're just so delicious!"
You look at her mouth as she says this, fear once again welling up inside you. You try to say something, but you are completely mute.
"What is it?" she asks, noticing your expression.
"Oh, nothing…" you blunder over your words, "It's just—I mean—your mouth…"
"My mouth?"
"It's just so… big."
"Ooh," she says, "I see." She nods awkwardly. "So you really are afraid of getting eaten, aren't you?"
You nod.
"Well, then, what were you doing in my ice cream?"
You can feel your cheeks flushing with embarrassment. She found you at your most vulnerable! You fell for your weakness, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. There is nothing in this world that provides more power over you than that dessert does!
You look up and you realize she is waiting for a response.
"Oh, it's just that," you say meekly, "I love ice cream."
"That much?"
"Yes," you admit.
She looks you over, a warm smile coming into her face. It causes your cheeks to burn up even more. You try to hide your face in the collar of your shirt, but you are unsuccessful.
"Hey, it's okay," she says to you, "I love it that much too. It's one of my guilty pleasures. I treat myself to it whenever I'm feeling, well…" she trails off.
"Down?" you offer.
"Yeah." She looks down, and her hair comes down over her face once more.
You nod. You look back to the events of the day before. Could it be you that caused this drop in her mood? You thought she was just pretending to cry when you got away from her, but now you're not so sure.
"Hey look," you tell her, "I'm sorry I didn't trust you yesterday. It's just that when you're like me, there's really no one you can trust. You have to work hard every day just to survive. It's a tough world out there for people my size. I'm just glad I found a house like this," you think for a minute, "and a girl like you."
She looks up, tears beginning to form in her eyes. "Really?" she asks, "You really mean that?"
"Yeap," you say with a wide grin and a dip of your head.
"Wow, thanks!" she says, clearly cheering up, "that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!"
You find that hard to believe. She seems so gorgeous to you, you find it impossible that no one had complimented her by now.
"Hey my name's Lucy, by the way," she says, grinning.
You tell her your name.
"Well, it's nice to meet you," she says cheerily. "Oh look," she says as she looks down at the bowl, "the ice cream's been melting the whole time! I'll have to finish it quickly. You think you can help me eat it all?"
You grin up at her.
"Nothing would make me happier."
Here we are, part two! I hope you enjoy.

There's some vore in this one, but it's non-fatal. You've been warned.

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